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Nonstandard bearings

Nonstandard bearings Introduction :

According to the customers requirements, our special engineer of Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing co,.Ltd. can design and produce all kinds of nonstandard bearings. The nonstandard bearings we can provide are as follows:

1.Bearings with bigger inner ring:The inner size of this kind ofbearing is bigger than the standard one.

2.Bearings with plastic packaged on the outer ring: There is a plastic packaged on the outer ring for this kind of bearing. There are many kinds of materials for packaging.

3.Bearings with V-shape or U-shape groove on the outer ring: There is V-shape or U-shape groove on the outer ring. It can meet the customers different assembling requirements

4. Bearings with full ball:There is no cage between the inner ring and the outer ring.This kind of bearing can bear heavy loading.

The above bearings are some general nonstandard ones. In addition, we also can produce the bearing according to your drawings or design bearings according to your appliance. The followings are some of the nonstandard bearings produced by Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing co,.Ltd.
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